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So, here we are, three months or so into this new church plant.  As I look back on those three months, I’m completely blown away by how God has worked in order to get us to where we are today.  There is no possible way that I could share with you all the incredible things God has done, but I can share with you a few of the awesome ways He has blessed us.  Here are just a few:

A place to meet.  At the end of December, we fully expected to launch the new church in the home of one of our core members.  Though we had spent a little time and effort trying to find a suitable place for our group to meet, we knew we would have no money to spend on rent, so our options were severely limited.  To be honest, we really didn’t have any options.  Or so we thought.  Enter Brett Burlesson, the new pastor of Dayspring Baptist Church.  Dave and I met with Brett over lunch one day late last year to share with him the vision for the new church.  We had an awesome meeting where we realized our visions for the city were similar, if not one in the same.  After the meeting, we were encouraged to have been able to hear Brett’s heart, but didn’t know what would come of our meeting.  We told him some of our needs, one of which included a place to keep an office.  The week after the meeting, Brett called me and offered us office space at Dayspring BC… FOR FREE!!!  I was blown away.  God had answered a huge prayer through Brett and Dayspring.  During that phone call, Brett told me if there was anything else we needed, not to hesitate to ask.  The worse that would happen is he would say no.  So, after praying about it for a week or so, Dave and I decided to get a little bold in our requests.  I called Brett and asked if there was any way our group could meet at their facility during the first few months of our existence.  I knew Dayspring didn’t have a Sunday evening service, so I figured the facilities would be available.  I just didn’t know how far the church’s generosity was really going to extend.  Without hesitation, Brett told me he had to run it by a few people, but he felt like it wouldn’t be a problem.  He called me later that week and told me that the church was excited not only to offer us the youth building at Dayspring for our Sunday gatherings, but to offer it to us at no charge to us!  How amazing it has been to go from having nowhere for our new church to meet to having an incredible, fully equipped building at our disposal!  So for the past two and a half months, we’ve been meeting at The Shack at Dayspring Baptist Church.  How incredible it has been!  Praise the Lord for how He provides!

Interest in our Small Groups: There has already been a good deal of interest in our small groups by people that really aren’t interested in attending a worship service at a church.  Though I don’t want to include any names here (I would hate to offend or embarrass anyone), I can say that we have had people from numerous walks of life and various places in their spiritual journeys attend our groups.  And the crazy thing is, most of these people are actually sticking around.  The genuine community they are experiencing through these small groups has a profound impact on them.  The Lord is truly working through this ragtag group called The Vineyard.  I praise Him for how He has called us and equipped us to do exactly what He wants us to do!  God is truly good to His people!

I know this isn’t much, but it’s all I can post today.  There are many, many other success stories that I want to share with you.  Check back often and search the blog for the category “Success Stories” and you will find regular updates on what God is doing in and through The Vineyard!

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