About Justin

Hi, I’m Justin. And I’m a… creative.

Yeah, I said it. I used the ‘C’ word. I don’t like using it. But I meant it.

I love to create. I like making stuff. Whether it’s plopping paint on an empty canvas, weaving words on a blank page, or digitally designing an otherwise barren screen, I get a thrill every time I take disordered chaos and turn it into something useful, something beautiful. I feel alive when I create. And I’m pretty sure I know why.

I’m a Christian, and I believe we were all created in the image of the Creator. Funny thing about the Creator: He loves to create. And unlike any other part of His creation, when He created us, He instilled in each of us the desire to create. Every one of us.

Right now, you might be thinking, “But I’m just not creative.” Maybe not, in some senses of the word. But I fully believe that we were all given an innate desire to make stuff. Some people are more right-brained than left-brained. They tend to be labeled as the ‘creative’ types. I really hate this stigma, because it makes it seem like other people aren’t creative. But I have no doubt that left-brained, analytic people are creative too. They just create differently.

Andrew Peterson, a creative guy in his own right, once wrote, “That anyone at all in the world would set their sad heart and tired hands to working beauty out of chaos is a monument to Grace.” I believe we all do this in one way or another. The artist takes a bunch of raw colors and orders them into beautiful paintings. The analyst takes a bunch of raw numbers and orders them into beautiful spreadsheets, charts, and graphs. Each act is a testimony to the grace of God inside of us, the image He has given us. And I believe we feel closest to God when we follow His footsteps and create in the ways He has chosen specifically for us.

That’s why I love to create. I love to write. I take great joy in painting. I like building furniture. I enjoy graphic design. I just really love to order otherwise chaotic things into beauty and purpose. But none of these examples serve as the greatest passion of my life.

At heart, I’m a pastor. My greatest joys and accomplishments are found not in a well-ordered story or a beautifully crafted painting, but in a reordered life. My passion in life is to play a small part in the great story of God reordering otherwise chaotic lives into something much more beautiful to Him.

That’s why I do everything that I do. I love helping to create new, beautiful stories in the lives of people. It’s why I’ve spent almost fifteen years of my life doing ministry. It’s why I helped to start and now help to pastor The Vineyard, the church-plant of which I am privileged to be a part.

And it’s why I started this website. I hope you can find in its pages and posts some material that will both inspire and challenge you as you seek to grow into the recreated creative that God means for you to be.